Would you like to have your event, fundraiser or benefit advertised on one of our six great radio stations?   Let's see if you qualify for a no charge PSA or a low-cost PRA.

PSAs (Public Service Announcements) are defined as messages that “raise the awareness of, and/or help change public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue on topics such as drinking and driving, mental health management, youth mentoring, abuse prevention and other health/safety issues.”  Many community events and fundraisers DO NOT qualify as a PSA because they ask for financial support from our listeners.  A PSA must service the community as a whole.  If you're pretty sure you qualify for a PSA follow the directions below.   



  • Email: PSA@MediaOneRadioGroup.com
  • Online: Submit your event information on the below form
  • Fax: 716-664-9326
  • Mail: P.O. Box 1139, Jamestown, NY 14702
  • In Person: 2 Orchard Road, Jamestown, NY 14701 (Monday-Friday 9am-2pm) 
    • GPS directions will take you to the end of Orchard Road - do not follow!  Our station driveway is on the left, half way up the road. Look for our welcome sign. 


  • Submit your PSA information no less than two weeks before your event!
  • Submission of a PSA does not guarantee broadcast.
  • Media One Radio Group reserves the right to select and edit submitted information.
  • Keep your message short and to the point, and include contact information.

Community announcement submissions that do not qualify as a PSA can get still get valuable air-time on our radio stations through our PRA (Public Relations Announcement) program which will provide you with recorded on-air messages on the station(s) of your choice for the absolute lowest price possible.   To request details on our PRA program email Marketing@MediaOneRadioGroup.com

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Media One Radio Group is always looking to grow our Marketing team!  For more information on full-time, part-time and out of home opportunities visit our Employment Section - here!

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